Corsair Void Pro Gaming Headset

Hey guys, I would really like if you would vote for the gaming headset. The Corsair Void Pro headset is a very capable wireless headset that would fit well with many of your setups. The Corsair Void Pro headset comes equipped with RGB lighting and good sound quality, and comes with a good sounding mic if needed. The Corsair Void Pro headset would be a good addition to my growing setup, but I need some help getting it, so it would be wonderful if you voted for it to be dropped.
thumb_upPeyton Allen and gorian2222

Oct 31, 2018
I love mine, use them for gaming as well as working from home and they're great. For under $100, you can't beat them. I paid like $40 for the yellow SE wireless on a special pricing bargain. Getting another set in white for my office.