How is Airplay using my bluetooth receiver?

Looking to see if anyone can shed light on this...I have an older Yamaha receiver in my bedroom and I have an S.M.S.L b1 bluetooth receiver plugged into it. My house has too much interference for Bluetooth to work well (multiple devices and receivers have the issue, all over the joint). However, my iOS devices (an iPhone and an iPad) can both successfully connect and stream to the SMSL if I use Airplay on the Apple units. Doesn't matter what the app is -- Tidal, Amazon music, iTunes. The SMSL shows up as a speaker...and feeds the Yamaha just fine. Sounds great and never drops. My question is this: the SMSL gives no indication anywhere of being an Airplay device; how is this happening? If I try to connect using Bluetooth, the devices and receiver -- like everything in my house -- have to be literally on top of each other.


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