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Please vote for Sennheiser HD 559... I think that they deserve to be recognized.
Why there is no shure srh1540?
akg k712 are way better for gaming then 702s, i hate gaming in HD600s and i used HD650s for gaming for a few months they are ok but not worth it if you want them just for gaming. i used 7XX for about 2 years for gaming and loved them but imaging was never that good. AD700X have ok imaging but build quality does not last on them and they have 1/10 on bass. shp9500 i never used for gaming so i have no say with them. if you really want the best gaming headphones for top level play HD660S and DT1990 pros are just amazing for gaming. superb imaging, audio quality and clarity. they cost a ton but if you really want the best they are what i use and just love them
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same here
The K702 is my first choice. It has plenty enough bass for me even for music. It has the widest and most accurate soundstage among gaming and audiophile headphones I’ve tried so far. Another advantage of K702 is consistent sound quality at different volumes. Some dedicated gaming headsets such as the ATH-G1 sounds dead (no highs) at low & medium volume and only sounds full at loud volumes. Low volume gaming is preferred in long competitive FPS sessions. Very few ever mention this in their comments/reviews.