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I don't recommend the corsair 2100's, they're poor construction/design. The way they are assembled right at the pivots causes constant flexing/creaking every time you shift them or even open your jaw. That and the material they use for the padding is itchy after prolonged use and does not breath well. The steel series is what I've been eyeing, removable batteries that one is always charging in the base.
Hey everybody. We've successfully sourced the V-Moda M100 and have run it here: . We know that it's not a wireless headset... but it was in the top 3 for the poll winners. If you've missed the buy, be sure to click the 'Request' button. Once we have enough requests, we'll work on running it again.
Yes thetwo guys below are correct. My recommendation are the Sennheiser's.
As other people have posted, these headphones have got to last a long time. As someone who uses headphones like this a lot, there is nothing more infuriating when your headset breaks in the middle of a gaming match because of cheap plastic.
Razer Carcharias is EOL, and the most recent version is USB powered and has a horrible static hiss.<br /><br />G930s worked seamlessly in Linux for me, although I think their management software is not available, so you can't use the G Keys.
WTF? Wireless means no wires. Half the products suggested by others in this poll are wired headsets. Read edgarde's post.
Can't believe nobody recommended the sennheiser pc360's. Their sound beats the A40's undoubtedly. (I own both). The only thing is the A50's are wireless but since they have the same cans as the A40's I would still take the pc360's.
I would recommend against the Logitech headset here, they have fatal flaw in the design. That 'plate' should be made out of metal and not plastic, over time pressure from the earcups (the balljoint is under that plastic 'plate' ) makes the plastic crack and eventually break, once it breaks there isn't anything holding the earcup in place.

Obviously mine broke outside of the warranty period, but this is just a poor design and cutting the wrong corners by using plastic for that piece. The 7.1 aspect of the headset was in name only, I've had a proper 7.1 set-up before and it just doesn't work when you try to pack that into a headset, you will likely not notice a difference. Edit: My post talks about wired G35 but they wireless variant likely shares the flaw.
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You can do that fine on stereo headphones. What matters is the mixamp.<br /><br />Read up here:
koorigashi is correct. I started typing a response, which got longer and longer until eventually I decided to just write an entire blog post (<br /><br />tl;dr - Multiple drivers are garbage. Get one with Dolby Headphone, CMSS-3D, or THX TruStudio Surround.
I don't think the V-moda headphones are wireless, although I have heard they are an excellent audiophile headset with good bass and the company has good customer service. For gaming I don't think you really need a super expensive headset so I'm voting for the Corsair.
@James You're correct, I didn't pay enough attention when I added it. The V-Moda headset is a great headset that you may look into for a future buy, along with the mic. The bass is very strong and I have read many reviews stating they're great for gaming. Honestly I'm not sure why you'd want a wireless anything when it comes to gaming, there's always some lag :)
I'd almost prefer the cheaper Astro or the Corsair. I would actually consider going for that if the drop was pretty good, but I just don know if I could wing the A50 right now, as awesome as it is.
I made this poll so I could decide what to purchase for a third party. The recipient insists on wireless and an integrated microphone, which are two things most audiophiles would rather not work with. This is for PC gaming, and we need Linux compatibility (along with MS-Windows compatibility), along with good surround performance. As a former radio station worker, she also prefers circumaural ("around-ear", rather than compressing the earlobe) cans that are reasonably comfortable, but not necessarily super light-weight. I know almost nothing about surround-sound in headphones, but tried to select items that were well-regarded online (probably including considerable astroturf). My intention is to purchase whatever model wins this poll, provided it meets the above specs.
If the recipient's ears are small, the Skullcandy PLYR 1 would be a good option. Skullcandy acquired Astro Gaming, and it's Astro's tech inside of the PLYR 1--same virtual surround sound too.
Astro is also compatible with every console on the market right now. You can even get other docks so one headset can work with multiple devices in different locations. No pluging/unplugging needed. Always wanted to get a pair!
I love to get them too.. Cmon lets do this..