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Now Available!

Thanks to Johann for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Func Surface 1030 XL Gaming Mousepad available.

Func Surface 1030 XL Gaming Mousepad

Func Surface 1030 XL Gaming Mousepad

Steelseries 4HD
172 votes
Func surface 1030L
45 votes
Razer Vespula Gaming Mouse Mat - Dual Sided
39 votes
Razer Goliathus Standard Extended-Control (Fragged)
36 votes
XTracPads Ripper XXL Desktop Gaming Mat
28 votes
Razer Goliathus Standard M-Speed (Fragged)
24 votes
Razer Scarab Expert Hard Gaming Mouse Mat
23 votes
19 votes
14 votes
Corsair Vengeance MM600 Dual-sided Gaming Mouse Mat
13 votes
Mionix Ensis 320
10 votes
Ratzpad XL
by Yaka
8 votes
XFX WarPad
7 votes
Megasoma 2
7 votes
6 votes
Ikea DRÄLLA Bendable Chopping Board
5 votes
Zowie Gear G-TF speed (XL)
4 votes
Geared Titan Aluminum Gaming Surface
4 votes
Func Surface 1030 XL
3 votes
G.L.I.D.E. 9 Aluminum Gaming Surface
3 votes
Artisan Hayate Soft M Japan Violet Samurai Gaming Mouse Pad - Made In Japan
3 votes
Razer Invicta
3 votes
Zowie Gear P-TF speed (M)
2 votes
PureTrak Stealth Cloth Mousepad
by johh
0 votes
Steel Series 9hd Gaming Mousepadmousepad (63100) -
0 votes