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Now Available!

Thanks to Johann for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Func Surface 1030 XL Gaming Mousepad available.

Func Surface 1030 XL Gaming Mousepad

Func Surface 1030 XL Gaming Mousepad

Hi Guys, quick update! <br /><br />We're still in talks with SteelSeries about their mouses and mouse pads. In addition to that, we spoke with Func today and they're very interested in working with the group! Hopefully we'll have more details in a few days but if things go well, we could have a mouse pad listed very soon. <br /><br />Thanks for your votes! We're always working to get the products you want : )
Added Razer's Megasoma 2. Excellent Reviews.
+1 for Megasoma 2.
Added the Func Surface 1030 XL. All you guys who voted for the L should change to XL. Similar price + more mousing area = WIN
Added the new Zowie Gear TF in two different sizes.
Steel Series 9HD is the mouse pad I have. The logo had not worn off or any of the details on it and I've had it for around a year, maybe 2. It's a great hard surface mouse pad. Also, as with most hard mouse pads it doesn't cake in dirt/dust/liquids.
Let's get some Artisan stuff in here.
Added the Artisan type 1. I'm not too attached to that one in specific, but they have a pretty deep lineup. Hopefully we can set up a mix and match type deal depending on the group's response.
Never going back to a hard mouse mat. I have the Razer Goliathus (small size) and it is the most comfortable surface I have ever left my hand rest on. Plus my mouse (Roccat Kova[+]) performs like a champ on the surface. Also I haven't had to clean the mouse glide pads yet where as on the hard mats, I had to clean the pads probably about every 2 months.