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Thanks for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the LG 34"or 29" Ultra Widescreen Monitors available.

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LG 34"or 29" Ultra Widescreen Monitors

LG 34"or 29" Ultra Widescreen Monitors

The Monoprice zero-g has gone as low as $312 + 18 shipping with a 20% off coupon @ monoprice but those 20% are few and far between. If it would drop to $300-330 shipped I would jump on it. The korean panel run about $279 free shipping. The Monprice pro glass 27" IPS Monitor is running $399.99 @ and they just had 13% cash back so thats $52 on your next purchase but they have a rep for stealing Credit card numbers. So I have done a lot research and these Monoprice Monitors seem to be the best deal but when they offer a 20%. So maybe you guys at massdrop can negotiate a better price considering they offer a 20% off all the time. See what you guys can do. Im a buyer at that price.
Final update for this poll: We've successfully sourced and listed the Monoprice 27" Zero-G monitor. The Massdrop price is $349, which is the lowest price a monitor of this quality has been listed. You can join the buy and get more info about the monitor by checking out the product page here:
The AOC definitely is the most aesthetically pleasing to me, too bad it's only 1920x1080 or I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
Hey - time for another update. We've confirmed that we will be able to get the Monoprice Zero G. As for price, we'll be doing everything we can to get it down to the Korean price point however we havent yet finalized pricing at this time. We'll be listing the product up on our site within the next couple of days so be sure to check back soon. In the meantime, start spreading the word - the bigger the group, the better the price we'll all get.
Seriously? My 27" Zero-G is going to be delivered TODAY. Ah well :/
I'd also like to know if there's been any update on this buy
Any update on this massdrop? I'm just biding my time until its ready for me to buy my new monitor :)
Would be in for a Monoprice Zero-G if the price is around the Korean panels
Monoprice would be great...
Hopefully the price can get below 300 shipped
Sounds good! Can't wait to see it listed!
Thanks for the update, Steve! To clarify, are you speaking with Monoprice about the ZERO-G? The CrystalPro seems to be discontinued and has had a few problems with consumers. The ZERO-G is being touted as the update. This is important to me due to the ZERO-G being tested and working with Mac computers.
Alright, after a lot of calls and follow ups, we have a more substantial update for this poll. We spoke with Dell and although they were willing to work with the group, they couldn't give us good enough pricing for us to agree to go with them (at least by Massdrop standards). We then followed up with Catleap and although their pricing was good, they couldn't guarantee pixel perfect monitors (their definition of "pixel perfect" only counts white/red pixels as defective so you can end up with black dead pixels and no support from the manufacturer). That policy was the same across the Korean A- panel brands. That said, we have been working closely with Monoprice to get their 2560x1440 27" listed for you. Prices will be similar to what you'd pay for a Catleap on ebay BUT these monitors will have ZERO dead pixels and Monoprice uses only A+ panels. We're still in the final stages of closing but if this goes through, it'll be one of the best situations possible for the group. You'll be able to get Apple quality, A+ panels at the korean monitor price point. We just would need to make sure that we have enough people lined up. Again, no promises yet, but we'll keep you updated as we get more info.
Unforunate that Dell couldn't give us a better price. :(<br /><br />I am not a big fan of the actual measured contrast ratio of these lower tier monitors.
What kind of discount do you guys think we'll get on these? Honestly I don't think they'll go down below eBay prices for korean monitors.
Since the U2713HM is discontinued, would the same interest be transferred over to the newer 27 inch model?
I personally would want to vote more for features than specific brands. I would like 2560x1440 and DisplayPort support personally.
Does that mean Massdrop is in discussions with the company that produces/retails the Catleap monitors or a reseller? Also the worry I had for the Catleap as opposed to the Monoprice monitors was that the Catleap would be without warranties. Monoprice, being a domestic company would be able to honor warranties for the monitor.
Hey Andrew - we're going with whatever will get us the cheapest price. Massdrop will honor the warranty ourselves so you'll be protected no matter what. We'll work with the manufacturer ourselves to handle defective units. Either way, you're in good hands
That is awesome to hear. I look forward to hearing more about a future buy then!
Update: Asus, Samsung, and HP are generally much too big for a group this size. Catleap is interested and could potentially work out. We're sending them over the specs to get initial pricing now so no promises yet. We're also still in talks with Dell for the U2713HM. We'll keep the group updated as we get more info.
Whoever wanted the Dell U2711, it's marked down at Newegg: $773.00
We're never going to see a buy on this one, are we?
Dell discount everything if you ask them nicely. I'm interested in the Ezio, I already have a U3011.
I'm most interested in what kind of discount we can get on the Dell UltraSharp U2713HM. I currently have a 24" UltraSharp that's great, and this 27" unit has multiple inputs and USB 3.0 ports (which the Catleap doesn't). If those could be got for less than $500, I'd be so in. My fallback would be the Monoprice 27" IPS LED CrystalPro Monitor (which someone elsewhere says uses the same panel as the Catleap). I'd have ordered one weeks ago, but they're out of stock for at least another month, but I don't see participating in a group buy for that one since their quantity pricing for this item has almost no discount.
true, i was hoping that if we were able to massdrop it down to 400 that would be sweet. But from the sounds of it, that's wishful thinking on my part.
I doubt we'd even be able to get a discount from Dell or Asus. What vendor are we planning to get the Catleap monitors from? From what I know, there is no Catleap online storefront to just buy them from. And no support, either. None of the top 3 options sounds very promising, to be perfectly honest. I would go with the Auria from Micro Center, but that's just my opinion. There are also two Kevins in this thread. The discussion could get confusing.
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@Kevin Could be a potential one. That or the micro center ones. I believe monoprice also has a similar monitor.
the person to talk to for Catleaps would be the ebay seller greensum. He is more or less their official American distributor. the Overlord ones are real nice but looks like Scribby doesn't plan to have any in stock until at least mid March. Worth asking him though.
So far I have two of the Catleaps and I'm looking forward to picking up a third so I honestly hope this goes through. I picked them up for about $350 each last summer and now the prices have sky rocketed. I still really wish I had picked up my third when I had the chance, oh well....
Monoprice has an IPS that uses the same panel as the Shimean/Catleap/Other Korean brands I believe. Description also states 6ms GTG in it somewhere and it starts at ~$390.
dudes the asus has better response time than the dell and the catleap. 5ms vs 8ms and 6.5ms respectively. and i think the ASUS is 2560x1440.
@Kevin Maybe so, but the price difference is quite extreme. It retails for around 700, where the catleaps and other similar monitors are less than 400.
I really really hope that if we get anything, its the Shimian/Catleap/Whatever other korean brand ones. Those dells will be far to expensive even with the drop, and the ASUS ones arent 2560x1440. If were really going to do 27 inch monitors, the korean ones should be the way to go.
Shimian is great too. have one.
Will we be able to get support for the Catleap? Why not go for this: It's the same exact panel (so the same display quality) as the Catleap, but you get actual support. The only way to really get a Catleap is from random sellers on eBay.