How Do Polls Work?

Vote for your favorite products in an existing poll or create a new one. We’ll make the most popular products available on the site in limited-time events called “product runs.”

Interested in the Race II, looking forever for 75% keyboards, are they only produced in runs, not constantly?? Either that or the keycool, as long as its white keyboard im good.
The choc mini and the majestouch minila are produced continuously. Race 2, FC660M, pure pro, etc. are done in runs
If we wind up with the KBT Race 2, can we get the option to purchase in white too? Would be eternally grateful.
I want a bluetooth mechanical keyboard for my macbook pro... any recommendations? I need the command button
Would the race come in a white backlight?
Does anyone know the normal price for the Rabbit KBT Race 2? I can't find that info on the product page.
I'm assuming it's in the $100-$200 USD range like most keyboards, but I'd hate to vote for it and realize it's a ridiculous $600+ or something!
I want a backlit Race so bad.
Fullmetal1212, look at my poll for the exact same thing, I managed to find a few more that you can put in your poll. I'm also rooting for the KBT Race 2!
Half the keyboards are not 75% lol
Never said they were easy to find lol.