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noooooo lets go Classic 205 Demonstrator!
In my honest opinion- I’d consider saving $60 and purchase the Pelikan M120N Black Green Special Edition. It will write circles around anything in this poll with either a Fine or Medium Gold Plated Steel Nib.
If you're buying from Japan, the platinum 3776 is hands down the winner by far, followed by the pilot custom 74 and 92, and the sailor 1911 standard, they offer a huge range of specialty nibs, from ultra extra fine to music, flexible, double broad, zoom, etc. And peerless quality control. If you need practicality and style over a special nib, a Lamy 2000 is king. If you want a sick filling system, the TWSBI vac700r.
I'm adding the 3776 to the poll.
All of these are good options. The pearwood Ambition is stunning but ink seems to evaporate quickly with it. The Pilot 74 seems like a great choice but has too many colours going on. The clear Pelikan is a grail pen for many of us, even though it's going to be hard for it to look better than the blue or aquamarine demonstrators. A piston filler with a screw on cap will evaporate less, and thus your ink will look the same, while it might look way darker with other pens. For the money you could also get an "ok"or meh looking pen with a spectacular nib, like a Sailor professional gear or Pilot custom 912 (at Japan prices).