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The Aeron is far and away the most overrated office chair out there. Steelcase Leap Plus all day every day.
Has anyone tried the Embody & Freedom? I have had the fortunate use of the Embody for 7 days and still find that it is indeed a chair for someone with the height of 5"9 and above. The trouble one of my close friends was having after suffering a fairly serious vehicle accident with the Embody was that due to his height or lack there of, the support needed for his lower lumbar and neck areas were left uncomfortably sore after only a few days use. Henceforth allowing me to try it out. I find the Embody Brazenly Comfortable & Supportive, but the neck area is always something that is lacking. Has anyone tried the Freedom Task Chair ?
This question needs a little more clarification. The Aeron is a great personal office chair at your desk and gets my vote, but it's a terrible conference room chair. It requires a lot of complex adjustment to get everything right, and if you lean back too hard you can topple backwards. (Something I have seen people almost do many times.) For a conference chair I like the Eames office chairs. Simple, easy to adjust, and comfortable. You can get low- or high- back depending on what you want. We use low-back.