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I think I prefer the 6x6 dactyl manuform. Ohkeycaps has one made to order, but it takes a while to reach you. The moonlander has the same problem. All they DIY builders here - how do you deal with ghosting/n-key rollover
What would the dactyl run in terms of price?
So, personally, I'm building the dactyl manuform, but the dactyl's instructions are here. Parts needed are virtually identical, though the person doing the dactyl used a custom made flexible PCB, whereas I think it is easier to just wire it up using diodes and wire. Quick price breakdown:
  • 3D Printed Case - Cost of materials if you do it yourself, or $120 for both pieces from Shapeways
  • QMK compatible Microcontrollers (2) - $8.99 a piece for cheap ATmega32U4, or $19.99 for expensive ones
  • Electronic parts - Next to nothing, haven't taken everything individually into account so I'll overestimate at $30 ( I suspect $15 or so)
  • Switches (60, depends on size, though) - Depends on what you want. $30 for some run of the mill, or you can be like me and combine some Zilents and Cherry Mx Silent Blacks and spend $140 on switches
  • Keycaps - Also depends on what you want. $25 or less for some alibaba keycaps, or you can buy an ortholinear set of keycaps from Drop for $60+.
Total: $115 on the low end to $300+ on the high end. Most builds probably fall in the middle, and if you search on Reddit, you can usually find people's build logs or photos in the comments. Example 1
Example 2
Example 3 And here are the githubs for the dactyl and the dactyl-manuform I believe that the author of the dactyl github commented lower in the thread, @Adereth
The dactyl does not look comfortable to use
Cannot believe that the Iris has just a few votes. The layout is so perfect and it's so easy and cheap to get keycaps for this keeb.
I like it too, but not having enough of vertical stagger between columns could be an issue for some. Or at least something that could be improved on.
I'm also missing the lets split.
@MassdropMechKeys, hit me up if you want to make the Dactyl happen.
I totally want that to happen. :-D
So would I. I am also interested in the dactyl manuform variant.
Anyone fancy dactyl manuform variant over the vanilla one ? The thumb cluster seems more comfortable, and getting the keycaps is easier as you don't need 4 2u keys
I plan to build one too
let us know how it goes!
What about the Iris, Nyquist and Levinson/Let's Split?
I'd be really surprised (and impressed) if MD managed to get a drop for the Ergodox EZ.
All depends on the discount. Some of these pop up on Amazon for a good deal sometimes.
It's a shame I only get to cast 3 votes as all of these look so cool I'm actually seriously considering getting one for the first time
You could have a look at the Iris split keyboard. It's a solder it yourself kit, but they can be found assembled and used on reddits mechmarket. Should be around a hundred all included.