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Jackmann, have a look at AEG's Smash Up Big Geeky Box - it might be just for what you're looking. I saw it for $11.11 on BGW or MM or CSI last night and almost bought it. It's got the Geek and Sundry deck in it with Wil and others, and it is designed to house a ton of Smashing Up goodness.
The only thing that keeps me from jumping on these at the normal price, is that while they produce a very well maintained gaming box, many cost as much as I paid for the game itself. I believe MD could go a LONG way with a 25-50-75 sales pricing threshold on one of the biggest sellers - 7W, perhaps - to cut into the costs mightily. Then perhaps add-ons for other organizers at a reasonably better discount. These are GREAT products, and volume sales like MD can provide to tBT could get them a significant reduction in production costs, depending on how their product line is created (on demand? large runs with significant back-stock? something else?) The problem is, if you are making them on demand, the production costs are fairly static - you don't get deals on materials when you produce on demand, unless you're holding a large volume of raw materials where you get the economy of scale rolling.
According to their site, they are using CO2 Laser CNCs at their facility, so I am guessing they are making them at the facility in Escondido, CA - awesome for keeping it on-shore! A big MD order might cut their production costs by ensuring a long predictable run on those incredibly costly-per-hour laser beds. Dunno, let's get the voting up to 200 and have MD start talking to the good people at tBT about a massive order!
No chance of the Carcassonne one? I'd buy 7 Wonders, Carcassonne and Race for the Galaxy ones
Add it in, the more options that are interesting to everyone, the more everyone will get interested and MD will be able to reach out to the Broken Token for a deal!
Tried adding it, it got removed... is there a limit to the number of items in the poll?
*UPDATE* - Now showing
the 7 wonders one would sell like hot cakes
I'd probably buy multiple sleeved card game organizers...