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If you voted for the h440 you have no knowledge about cases .
Love the fractal cases :)
SMH the H440 is leading the pack
Disappointing. So many better cases have come since the H440 aka "not a swinging front door panel don't pull on it"
Enthoo luxe is miles better than the h440 come on guys and they are the same price for full tower leds way more room drive bays and more!
Luxe is practically the most versatile case here, and it looks awesome!
I have been stuck with my corsair carbide spec 02 for so long, I would really like a nzxt h440, but it's too pricey, which is why I want it to drop
mk on h440m i like a white one
+1 for the white h440
Phanteks EVOLV, Anyone?
Atleast vote for the H440 New Edition
I'm excited for a drop on this case. These days there is absolutely no need for a CD anymore. If you must have a drive spend the $30.00 for an external drive and only hook it up if you want to add a CD to ITunes or install an old game or an OS.
the h440 is a solid case, but it doesnt have room for a CD drive so thats a major let-down
Nobody really uses CD"s nowadays? USB 3.0? Download?
My main desktop is in an H630. Plenty of room for most anything. I personally consider it a feature that it doesn't have a window, but YMMV. It is a great low profile, beast of a case. My favorite somewhat silly feature is the case light over the rear ports, so you can see what you're doing when crawling around behind it.
I was already planning on getting a NZXT case, if this drops, that'll be the icing on the cake!
i would love to see this h440 drop