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does anyone know where i can get a fruit set?
DSA Milkshake pls! Im ready to buy! And also want rama works m6-c milkshake edition!!!!!
Bring this back. I need it!!
Hope this comes back!
Milkshake please
I want these so bad. Please make a another run.
Not to beat a dead horse, but let it be known I would buy me some Weirdos and mods the instant it goes back on sale haha
To definitely beat a dead horse, I second this.
One day I’ll catch this set.
@biip Any chance we can get another run? 🥺
@biip any chance this is coming back?
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The moment it comes back im instantly buying it
i need this so badly. plz make it come back in DSA profile!
DSA milkshake dream is dead boys
Is this thread closed? I was really keen on a Milkshake Ortho set. Can't get them anywhere.
Is this thread dead or any chance of there being another GB at some point in the future? Saltier than every sailor put together that I missed the band wagon...
I need this so badly! :) (also NORDE would be pretty cool)
when is the drop please I need this
Is there a mailing list so I can get these in the UK? :DDD
Some big news! The set will run on Candykeys website next month. It'll also have 2 other proxies for US and Asia <3 more info here :
Congratulations! I am very excited for this to go live :)!
I'm digging this set SO much! Unfortunately I've got a Filco Minila...anything you can do to get a configuration for that wacky layout would be greatly appreciated! Even if it means me buying a couple of different sets :)
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Awesome! Thanks so much for all your work on these :)
I THINK I should be covered. I'll have to get the space bars kit too since it has a 3u spacebar. The hardest bit to find tho is 2 x 1.25 convex keys for the thumb function keys on either side of the spacebar. It's something that made me fall in love with the keyboard but wow has it been hard to find those keycap sizes as convex!
Also, the icons are abstract enough that I can likely rearrange as needed since DSA or XDA are uniform profiles
Again, Thanks!
Yea, at first it was only abstract icons tbh :) I'm glad you can cover your keeb! Thank you for the support!
You could use 1.25 shift or controls. Or 1 FN and 1 Meta from the 40 kit. Anyways, I'm still thinking on some kits and will prolly add 2x 1.25 and 2x 1.5u keycaps…
Weirdo kit and ortho mods for new planck project!
I made a few updates, and added a NorDeUk kit, check it out :
No matter what, just give us some blanks to go along with it
i need this for my white ergodox :)
This looks too good to not release. Please! let us buy it! PLEASE
This is great but I also unironically like the nope button
Maybe for another set…
Hey can you make this happen please
I'll happen. Group buy next month!
I'm in. Need/want/musthave.
This is the cutest keyset ever.
all in
I actually made a Google poll with more options :