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Hi folks, first of all I am not directly affiliated with either FedEx or UPS, but both are my customers. What MD uses now is FedEx SmartPost, which is basically Fedex for the long haul, then USPS First Class Mail locally and with tracking. It is not FedEx as I have known to love. If you check out the screen shot of my latest shipment, you'll see a delivery estimate of 8/29/2017 when it was shipped on 8/16, basically two weeks for a domestic order from NJ - AZ. This is truly ridiculous, but remember it is MassDrop we are talking about here that runs the gamut from genius to the absurd. By the way, with my FedEx account, if I were the shipper, you would receive your items anywhere in the US in two days, and anywhere in world in four - seven days. Shipping would be slightly higher or the same, but trackable and blindingly fast as compared with this silliness. Even UPS is faster. Even USPS is as well!
Ditch FedEx definitely!!
USPS is the way to go!
USPS should be the only way you ship to APO customers. FedEx takes over 6 weeks minimum,
USPS is best for Canadian customers. goods shipped using USPS rarely get hit with brokerage and customs charges.
Sometimes i wonder why packages sent by DHL to me always get slapped with ridiculous taxes.
Same order. USPS shipping. No tax.
I guess DHL really sucks at tax declaration.
The 19 people who voted to keep DHL must work for DHL.
UPS is a horrible service stay away from those A-holes.
I purchase a lot of stuff online. I also sell off stuff I am not using any more to fund purchases. My first preference for a carrier is FedEx because they are very gentle with packages. In contrast, boxes that come by UPS or USPS look like they have been dropped, had larger and heavier boxes stacked on top of them., or otherwise mangled. On top of that, FedEx is usually much cheaper than either UPS or USPS. The only time I use USPS is when I can use the flat rate boxes or envelopes.
I live in southeastern VA. My packages go from NJ to Raleigh, NC before coming back to VA and wastes up to three days in doing so.
as someone who lives in a rural area, please give the option of shipping USPS.
Seriously I'll pay more to ship and won't hesitate to do so if Massdrop swears off DHL!
I have to deal with some randomness called Asendia USA, so count yourselves lucky
DHL US is pretty awful compared to DHL UK/EU. I've had an insane number of problems with UPS at my old address and zero issues at that address with USPS and FedEx. BUT I think it's generally a bad policy to handoff to a different carrier. That's a really huge opportunity to make mistakes and/or just generally slow things down. I think FedEx has a service like that where they hand off to USPS (or did? idek.) which is from what I last read pretty universally despised.
DHL is the worst, even on the rare occasion that my non massdrop purchases ship through DHL it takes several days longer than if UPS or FedEx delivered it. Maybe they're good in Europe but in the US I've yet to have a good experience with them.
yeah, DHL europe is solid.
DHL took an entire month to deliver my headphones. Even usps would have only took 2 weeks max. Please ditch DHL at least for shipping within the USA
DHL has had my headphones in the town right next to mine since Sunday night. It's Wednesday now and they still haven't handed them over to USPS for delivery. Ugh, USPS would have had them here easily yesterday.
Probably not the most popular opinion, but I live in the UK and DHL (together with its affiliates) gets packages to me in under a week.
DHL in Europe is really Deutsche Post which is why it doesn't suck. DHL in America is the remnants of a second-rate courier service which now "operates" by partnering with a gazillion different subcontractors to save money and because of regulatory issues. Just tracking a package is a nightmare and god help you if it gets lost. It's never really in anyone's custody, it just randomly passes between subcontractors and it's luck of the draw whether it gets anywhere on time (or at all).
DHL really isnt a shipping service, it's more of a middle man ... I have no clue if they'll read or see this poll, but i really hope they do ...
I have to agree 6 days from NJ to NY and it arrived by usps anyway