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any news about this cool idea ?
I need a 104-key model because I do a lot of data entry and that's a lot more efficient on a numpad. That said, if this ends up becoming a thing, sign me up for 2! One for my home rig, one for my work.
dvorcol, you may be interested in this
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It's odd that you cannot invoke me, since this was my poll. But stranger things have happened.
Same thing happened to me with your reply to my comment a while ago. I'll need to double-check my notification preferences or something probably.
I’ve been looking everywhere for this. Do any TKL ortholinear exist anywhere?
I am not aware of an off-the-shelf TKL that is ortholinear but otherwise a standard layout.
I learned how to type Dvorak on a Typematrix 2030 (, which is sort of an ortholinear TKL. Except that the keys are scissor-switch, not MX Cherry. Still, I found they feel quite nice. One of their main design goals was to be compact and light weight for portability, so one could bring it back and forth from home every day. But I just couldn't handle the different locations of many of the supporting keys, and I need the numeric keypad a lot so switching it on & off drives me crazy.

I also used a TEK 227 (, which does use MX-clone Kailh switches. But after three years the switches started failing. It has slightly staggered rows like an ErgoDox, which I don't find as bad as staggered columns, but they aren't ideal. And it is TKL, which I resolved by using a separate numeric keypad. Also I removed the wrist rest (it just unscrews), as I did not find it comfortable - but others might like it.
Both of these keyboards can be switched between QWERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak without any programming. The TEK is also fully-programmable.
Move the arrow and tenkey to the left, in short, inverted TKL/fullsize.
I'm sorry, but there's no way this is happening.
I want this more than anything
Glad to see this. I've heard good things about ortholinear, but most of the existing options seem like too much trouble to try out. I'd take any switches, though Cherry Browns are my favorite so far.
I learned Dvorak on a TypeMatrix twelve years ago and fell in love with both the ortholinear layout and the Dvorak arrangement. But I missed the independent TenKey and longed for the feel of Cherry MX switches. Is anyone else looking to just get rid of the staggered columns with no other changes? If there is sufficient interest, WASD would consider making them.
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whoa i never noticed this one:
What a coincidence, I was just looking at that same post today! I love the idea of filling it with just a Base keycap set but I’m not crazy about the look.