Are any places selling G20 keycaps with printed icons or with clear covers?
I’ve had several keyboards with G20 over the last few years. They are great. At first they feel like you’re slipping, but if you slow down for a while, you’ll find you’re going faster than keyboards where your fingers bump the edges of the keys.
I would be very interested in a sublimated set of latin letters, a set of pure numbers and a set of blank keys for an ergodox set.
These need to be shipped to canada. Please.
Very interested in these, but worried about how they will feel. My fear is that my fingers will slide off the keys. I base this theory on how the Typewriter keys felt. After a couple of weeks of using them I found that my fingers were just all over the place so I switched back to a DSA (I never really expected typewriter keys to be long term). Anyone try these?