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Lets get sky dolch please.
GMK 9009!!!!!
What I find ironic is everyone complains about other companies copying GMK colorways but none of them talk about GMK blatantly ripping off the Dolch colorway for years!
Gmk darling, also why gmk cyan? That is honestly the most boring keycao set I've ever seen.
why are the ugliest possible ones getting the most votes?? we can vote for OLIVIA and we got these..... smh.
I want any good looking/good quality keycaps in an ISO-DE layout for the love of god :(
Does anyone know when they pick the “winner”?
GMK Wavez pls
I just want GMK Botanical :(
GMK Sky Dolch is underrated. It needs more hype.
metaverse is so underrated
Meta verse would be hype