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 Just a heads up everyone - The sales for Godspeed SA and Godspeed GMK custom keycap sets are going live Feb. 6th at 6 AM PT. Make sure to place your orders as soon as possible, for the first 48 hours there is a $10 off coupon right here. To make things easier and avoid payment issues, we are offering the lowest possible prices since day one! Don't wait for price drops because there won't be any. Another interesting highlight about this sale is that the SA kits are going to be shipped inside plastic trays, for the first time ever, for your convenience and integrity of the keycaps. Hope you guys enjoy it! M
Hope this drops soon :-) itching for a set.
Is the Godspeed cable going to drop as well?
Is there any chance we will see this any time soon @MiTo ? your update leaves me some hope. I sadly cannot join the discord currently.
Yes indeed! Will fix the Discord link soon, too.
Massive update today, introducing the GMK version and a bunch of other tweaks! Also launched my own Discord server for updates, giveaways and collaborations. Hope you enjoy it, M

Is it ever gonna get on speed? And how much is it gonna cost?
Newbie question: What is the difference between voting for "Godspeed SA - Keycap Set" and "Godspeed SA?"
Got any updates? Really looking forward to this.
SA the profile of champions, woopwoop, I do fancy a bit of the Godspeed for sure, omnomnom. Please......
pls drop it, can't wait
Bestlooking keycaps by far.
Take my money!!!
Here we go again. 💸