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One more thing about NAS, DO NOT use same brand and batch product together, they usually fail at the same time.
Come on! Go big or go home! But seriously physical space is at a premium, either sata headers or driv bays, so go with the big ones and thank yourself later
Guys Comeon, HDD are not that expensive, so why vote for WD Blue series (Mid-High Tier) when WD Black is the HighEnd? I mean let's get a discound deal on the better one, more effective drop that way..
I've been rocking 2x 1TB WD Blacks, and 1 other 2TB WD Black, for years now (about 5\6), still peak performance, and reliable.. Cant argue with results now can you? :)
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For NAS, WDBlack makes no sense. Durability is more important. Even $20 cheaper is a lot for 6x RAID setup. For daily use, SSD is not expensive too.
they arnt exspensive but the performance doesnt get much better i fdont think ?