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very interesting
Another MFing punch from the haymaker of keycap design....
Please make this happen. I’d love this especially in SA form to really give it a retro feel.
hecking yes
did this set ever materialize? Was thinking it go good with a custom build I am doing that I got here on Massdrop
Do want!
Oh damn, this looks so sexy. Hopefully it will be there soon!
This looks amazing, MiTo!
Will there be a chance that we'll actually see a DCS kit with a Dvorak/Colemak child kit option, or will this be a GMK set?
First set that my girlfriend actually wants.
Dragging her over to the dark side...
Is there a planned release date for these? I'm in love with this set. Once again, amazing work my friend.
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Soon like before 2018 soon?
In a couple weeks!
Will there be an ErgoDox set to go along with this? That was something that I missed about Jukebox.
As for now, only 8 people voted for Ergo on my website's poll, I'll see if it's doable or not.
I'm hoping so!
No mention of it anywhere, but if this is GMK isn't ISO included?
This isn't a GMK project, and none of the manufacturers can make ISO, sadly.
Love the colours but how are you going to get the pink?
Pantone of course!