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I have one of the ll70 8 knife cases. It's fantastic! Unfortunately mine is full of massdrop knives already. Need another one.
I don't know, what's better? One 21 knife case. Or 3 seven knife cases?
Harbor Freight just came out with cases that seem decent. I know, I know, don't kill me just yet.
Hey this poll has been going for awhile but just got a bunch more votes and comments recently - we'll check it out and see what we can do about this one. Thanks!
Awesome. Would be amazing if you could get a real discount.
I think just that kind of cut foam without the case would be nice. Would like to put a couple in my console table drawer so on my way out I can pick out which knife I'm going to carry that day.. I have no reason to transport a dozen knives anywhere, let alone in an expensive case.
I look at these and they are nice but really if you just buy a Pelican w/ Foam it is their Pick 'n' Pluck which is designed to pull out small pieces to shape it to suit your needs. There are certainly improvements that specifically designed foam would provide but Id just be happy to see a MD for a Pelican case.
The pick n pluck falls apart though. This goam lasts forever.
The 1450 is for the foam only**
Rectified, thanks for the heads up mate
The middle case is incorrectly described as an 1170. It is actually the 1200 case