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I see where I can add it to my home page, but an app might have relative content or vote for a particular Massdrop. Let's do a vote on them to develop an app! Who's In?
Drop has an app now
Yes hopefully they'll develop an app soon.
I truly love how there are two yes'. Because those who are snobby for IOS/Android/Windows don't have to vote for other companies lol
There already is, you save it on your home screen it works better than an app.

Don’t see how they dont have one yet 💭. Hopefully they make one soon
Use Google Chrome and add Massdrop to your home screen. It acts just like an application

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It works better than an app that crashes, etc.
not really, apps are much more optimized & fluid & jus make for a better experience than the web but Massdrop works really well
mobile first ftw
Why is there not already an App? =D please get this done. And if you need beta testers I am sure the community will help since I know apps need testing and development.
Strange that I could vote for Yes and no.
Preferably, Free, Open Source Software, available on the F-Droid store for Android.
The website works very well on my phone. I think they should spend time focusing on other things than worrying about an app. If it isn't broken, don't fix it
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You go to the massdrop home page, then right next to the back/forward button in the browser, click the box with an arrow above it, then you should see an option called “add to home screen” in the menu that pops up. It’s not exactly an app per se, but atleast you have an icon that brings you straight to massdrop.
Much appreciated. Enjoy MD