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I'd also like to see women's apparel on this site. I showed my girlfriend the concept of the site and she loved it but doesn't feel like there is much for her. Let's get it going!!!
As a man who recently joined massdrop it is kind of disappointing that there are no women geared communities. I would like to get some cool gear for my wife but nothing ever comes out except for maybe a face scrub or some bullshit like that. Come on Massdrop get with the times already!
Don't get me wrong- some men's items can be used by us women (and I'm not some crazy man hating feminist ☺️) but it's rare to see a woman's option on a lot of apparel items. I have been a Massdrop member for years, literally, and have yet to see a community geared towards women...while there is always a belt, boots, jacket, razor, etc dropping for the guys- EDC, now apparel, accessories, watches, etc. There have been other polls and requests for a women's community also. Where's the love Massdrop?
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I was disappointed, to say the least, when I saw Massdrop made a big to-do about their creation of new "communities" recently and not a single one is geared towards women's apparel, accessories, shoes, etc. Not surprising I guess. It doesn't have to be extremely specific at this point, just give us *something* to start with!
You are so right! It seems they need more female employees... perhaps a women's department, run and staffed by women.