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can anyone suggest a very good lens for a begginer.?
The kit lens should help you figure out what you are interested in and guide future purchases. They usually come in 24-105 full-frame equivalent focal lengths. Besides that, a the 50mm-equivalent f1.8 is never a bad purchase and is very useful for street photography or portraits on the cheap.
Buy better glass!! don't spend money on these kit lenses with crazy variable apertures
The Nikkor 35/1.4G AF-S is listed twice - can someone at Massdrop please combine the votes?
The aperture start on the suggestions is too damn low! 2.8 or lower for a start
Why on a prosumer photography outlet are people not choosing full-frame lenses?! Get better glass and you'll be much happier later..
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What if they never move on to full frame? You get lower image quality on a crop body if you use full frame lenses that what you'd get with a high-quality crop lens. Also, crop bodies will keep improving and it's generally cheaper. Not everyone can afford a full-frame body and matching glass.
I am open to a counter argument as to why I should invest more if I intend to use my camera and lenses in the following ways, looking to get educated and understand better -
I use my camera to hike, backpack, or other personal events I want capture. I'd rather spend $400 on a DX camera than a high end smart phone. I am seriously considering the 18-300mm lens which seems to my amateur opinion ideal for my purposes with it's flaws - curvature to the edges of the picture on the low end with less clarity but more light gathering; the telephoto capability lets me leave my binoculars at home and actually get a weight savings. I am thinking about the 35mm 1.4 for the low light situations at the end of the day where I have to depend on natural light and might want to capture a bug or something around my campsite at dusk. So the value of more expensive lenses seem diminished for me since I will be lugging my gear around the woods taking pictures secondarily to the activity I am there for. I'm not a photographer I am hiker that takes pictures.
Here's some of my pictures - When I look at them I remember trying to rebuild my life through interacting with nature and hiking during a hard time in my life... These were on a Canon Rebel that my ex wife owns now...