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Now Available!

Thanks to Liz for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Taccia Kimono Pen Roll available.

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Taccia Kimono Pen Roll

Taccia Kimono Pen Roll

I selected G, E, and F -- Wonderful designs ~ I hope they all can eventually be made available!
New to the site, how long does it usually take for polls to become drops?
D style is a universal feeling that it puts the pattern on the clothes to the king, and it is also unfriendly.
These are gorgeous, but they are too ornate for my workplace. I would love to see a very subtle patterned black silk or something like that. I am thinking about the nuances in fabric in a high end dark blue suit or tuxedo.
E should get more love, D is strangely popular, despite, in my opinion, the most monotonic of the batch, like something you could get easily from an Chinese assembly line.
E is so aesthetically pleasing and has much more depth than the others
When I first saw the patterns, I was sure A/C/E would be in the top running.... but of course the black and gold dragon is top.
I'm not hating, but I feel like thats the most simple one of all, and does little to highlight the history and beauty of traditional Japanese kimonos. I want to see intricacy, I want to see details, and I want to see color!! Vote anything but D if you agree!!
I find C and E to be quite stunning indeed. I'm surprised B is doing well though I find it rather bland in comparison to some others.
I actually kind of like B also, id choose that one over the dragons if going for a minimal look. Otherwise I agree with you, the others have WAY more depth
i like to know the adv and dis-adv of poly blend vs silk. for a pen roll, will silk be durable enough to be tossed in bags? also what's the hand-feel is like for each?
out of curiosity, what type of lighting set up did you use? pretty much straight on?
I can't say too much about the durability of either fabric, as I have both fabric types in older patterns, but don't transport them very often. Personally, I can't feel much a difference on the finished product, but on these swatches the silk feels just a tad silkier (smoother to the touch?)... but I also can't tell if that's just something my head is making up since I know there's a difference in material.
Per our photographer, these were shot with a strobe light. And TIL that's a studio thing, not just an unz unz unz thing.
too bad we can not get the dragon pattern in silk.
Wannabe otakus, weeabo and JP fanboys have chosen the cheap poly with dragons... waouw.
So much hate in this comment. People like what people like. How is other people's prefferences for dragons, affecting you to the extent you feel it necessary to cast vitriol on them.
You gotta pick the pattern or the material! because the silk patterns are boring AF unless you relate to Aunt Bee.
very nice...that blue is striking..
Thanks for all your work, Liz! <3
Hi all,
We're pleased to announce some new fabric options for the Taccia Kimono Pen rolls. Take a look at these swatches of kimono cloth and vote for your favorites. The top poly-blend and silk choices will be offered in an upcoming drop, so cast your votes now! (Disclaimer: fabric is way more glorious in person, and photography cannot fully capture the sparkle and shimmer that you see with your own eyes.)
If these fabrics are anything like the knitting needle case I'm currently using as a roll they will be stunning in person.
I hope we can have these again sometime !