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Now Available!

Thanks to RShack for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Maratac AAA TPF Flashlight: Copper & Brass available.

MarkDrop Buyer

Maratac AAA TPF Flashlight: Copper & Brass

Maratac AAA TPF Flashlight: Copper & Brass

Titanium Maratac AAA Flashlight
578 votes
Stainless Steel Maratac AAA Flashlight
240 votes
Brass Maratac™ AAA Flashlight
141 votes
Prometheus Beta-QRv2
by quiz
107 votes
Titan® Plus Ultra-Compact Variable Output LED Flashlight
33 votes
LuminTrail LTK-10 LED Pocket Keychain Flashlight 130 Lumen with Magnetic Tail-Ca
by a community member
26 votes
thrunite ti3
26 votes
Peak Eiger
by Hook
25 votes
DQG Ti V3 XP-G2 R5 Titanium Alloy EDC Mini LED Flashlight
23 votes
MBI - MatchBox Instruments — MBI HF-R™ Cu (Copper)
20 votes
by Alex
8 votes
7 votes
Brightest Mini LED Flashlight Keychain: LUMINTOP Tool AAA Best Small Pocket Size
by 赵邬江
6 votes
Maglite Solitaire LED
5 votes
UltraTac K18 Best CREE LED AAA Keychain Flashlight with Side Switch support 1044
4 votes
Copper AAA Flashlight by Maratac ™ REV 3 – CountyComm
by Relatively
4 votes
MBI - MatchBox Instruments — MBI Torpedo®
1 votes