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Now Available!

Thanks to RShack for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Maratac AAA TPF Flashlight: Copper & Brass available.

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Maratac AAA TPF Flashlight: Copper & Brass

Maratac AAA TPF Flashlight: Copper & Brass

Appreciate the opinions offerred. Being focused on weight, I used to favor Aluminum but with the increased durability, I now voted for Titanium. Thank you for allowing our input.
I agree with RonniePudding
My vote goes to the lightest one. I'm too lazy atm to figure out which one that is.
The Maratac flashlights currently winning this poll are constantly being offered on Massdrop... while I understand why the Maratacs are popular, it would be nice to get the Peak Eiger (AAA) or El Capitain (AA) included here. Peak flashlights are very different from the usual offerings.
Peak Eiger/El Cap models have lots of options for: -- materials (copper, brass, stainless steel, or aluminum), -- body styles (pocket, lug, or keychain/momentary), -- emitters (XP-G cool white, XP-G neutral white, XP-G warm/high-CRI, -- or Nichia 219 high-CRI), -- and optics (medium, narrow, and mule) which provide different degrees of throw vs. flood.
Peak uses unique quantum tunneling composite (QTC) technology for setting output, which allows for infinitely-variable brightness without the overhead and fragility of circuitry. Additionally, the heads are 'potted' to protect against impact/drops, and damage from moisture. Both features make these lights significantly more robust than the average AAA keychain light. That they come in raw metals like brass and stainless steel means they will hold up well when carried on a keychain. The QTC design means that any appropriately-sized battery can be used -- from high-voltage lithium-ion rechargeable cells, to AAA/AA alkaline batts available in every corner bodega, and scrounge-able from every TV remote :)
Finally, the Peak Eiger/El Cap lights are made in the USA by a small shop. I believe that they are as close as you can get to "handmade" for this price point (<$100). The downside is that they are only available from a limited number of vendors -- who are often out of stock -- and the individual buyer may end up waiting a while for their order to be fulfilled. IMHO, this procurement difficulty makes these lights a perfect fit for the way Massdrop works, where the group buy leverage becomes especially valuable.
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Thanks Mick -- added El Capitain and Eiger to your poll, and voted accordingly.
Nichia 219 isn't TMK a normal offering by Peak, but they have done some Eigers for Oveready in the past (out of stock for ages...) with that emitter, so maybe that could be a possibility that Massdrop could explore if a Peak light ever gets offered.
In the meantime, the Prometheus Beta in this poll can be purchased with a Nichia 219B. And Lumintop makes some nice lights that are darned similar (OEM) to the Maratac AAA lights.