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In comparison to Thursday Boots, here is a Carlos Santos boot made by hand from superior materials and leathers and finished with a hand painted patina. This boot is priced just slightly higher than a Thursday Boot but still in the same price interval, yet far exceeds the quality, aesthetics, and functionality (from what I hear, we are especially talking about comfort) of a Thursday Boot. You can find it at Skoaktiebogalet like I mention in the comment below. I don’t get anything from them. I just like their footwear and prices so much I wanted to share it with you folks here. Also look at the Löff & Tung shoes on the same website. They are just as fantastic. Have a great day! :)
Just Gorgeous!
I was interested in Thursday boots for a bit. I’m glad to find out that their quality is a bit inconsistent before picking up a pair. I found a shoe brand named Carlos Santos which is of very good quality for the price point. Much higher quality than others in the same or slightly higher price interval. I have one pair of boots from him and they are in a completely different league craftsmanship wise. Surpasses both Allen Edmons as well as Aldens nowadays according to the reviews found from the exhaustive research I’ve done recently. It seems from shoe forums I‘ve found that both AE & A have lowered their standards a bit while their prices remain quite high. Carlos Santos on the other hand remains consistantly exceeding the quality and standards expected at the price point he sells his shoes and those of his nearest and higher competitors. I have to say my boots from him are the most comfortable and well made shoes I’ve ever owned. I got them brand new for $217 on sale at They also carry his oxfords which I’m planning to pick a pair up in either wine-stain patina or the coimbra next.
No thanks.
Thursday is well known for inconsistency in construction. I’d much rather pay more for a quality product than pay less for something which should be on clearance at Ross.
these boots are great... but.. scratch easily.
I own a pair of the Captains, in size 7.5. I visited their store front in NYC to pick them up just over 7 months ago now. They have broken in beautifully and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The only problem I have had with the boot is due to my sweaty feet, the black dye from the glove leather lining bled into a number of pairs of wool grey hiking socks I normally wore with them during the winter. This considered I would still get another pair.
The Thursday Boot leather smells great and has a terrific hand feel. These are two under rated factors but everyone who loves good quality leather knows what I'm talking about.
The fit is a half to a full size down from your sneaker size. If you wear Timberland boots, go for that size. Beyond that I like chunky wool socks in cold weather so you can make up half to a full size in socks alone. Insoles can be added if you want to factor that into the sizing.
These are good quality boots. Expect a break in period. Beyond that, I got the Captains in black for Christmas and I'm very happy that I did.
For comparison, I have Allen Edmonds Long Branch boots, Timberland ankle boots and Timberland Boot Company Lost Wodehouse with a sneaker sole, and Red Wings engineer boots.
The Thursday boots are closest in material to the long branch boots. There is a rubber sole cover like a dainite sole.
I expect these boots to last many years. In fact the same duration as I expect of Red Wings.
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yes ive been looking at the allen edmunds. price is welll high hehehe. im just not sure which size to get. there seems to be no real guide to sizing.
in your case your timberlands and thursdayboots are the same size. for me its 7.5 for timberland but 7.0 for thursdaysboots. and both of them with thin dress socks.
with age ive been keeping myself fit. gotten rid of the dad bod. so I had to get ride of a lot of clothes and last year i was in the process of getting new clothes and pants. went down 2 sizes. so i was in the market for shoes too. redesigning the whole person 😂😂
I've had a pair of Duke's in black for over a year. The leather is of good quality, it's soft, and durable. My only hangup with Thursday Boots is the size of the toebox. It's very narrow! I don't wear wide sizes and my toes, especially my pinky toe get smashed when I wear these boots.
I'll be honest, I can't recommend these boots less. I had a pair from their kickstarter. The leather was so thick and so stiff and so over stitched I've never been able to wear them. I emailed them a few times and even after using boot forms, mink oil and more still unwearable.