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No love for Realforce 55g? Respect the king!
Tried it, I really like it but I also kinda don't really like it. It's just a little too damn firm!
The rubber gets more supple/softer with use! I’m curious, can you weigh it out with nickels? I had a friends with a really old serial number that presumably sat on a shelf a long time, and it actually had stiffened to about 65g. Either way, your fingers will toughen up after about a week of use :P
Which topre 87 white keyboard is silent one and there is white version of hhkb blutooth add please
I run the Leopold FC660M as my daily driver. The weight makes it easily portable and the action is superb. I tried to like my WhiteFox, but ended up sticking with the FC660M. Cherry Brown with O-ring dampers.
Plus + for Browns w/ o-rings. I have that on my Das blank and it's pretty good.. but I've been spoiled by Topres