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Honestly a basic Magni/modi Schiit stack is all you need unless you plan on purchasing a better headset in the future. Either that or an SMSL M6. Both deliver good performance, especially in their price bracket.
I think those who actually know the Audi-GD NFB would rate it as #1.
lol shit
The hot Schiit stack is BiFrost and Lyr 2 I can't imagine needing anything more. (I always say that and end up blowing more money eventually)
Any Idea when this will be converted to a drop?
The Oppo is excellent-but not enough power to drive the HD600 -I‘ve owned one for 3 years.
The Massdrop Grace X has been phenomenal pairing: tons of power and tight extended bass, yet musical and transparent with a wide immersive sound stage.
The Parasound Zdac v.2 DAC and Headphone Amp is a workhorse with an incredible build quality. It works well with the FiiO 3.5mm coax outputs and optional cable and with the Cayin N3 optional USB-C to RCA cable (though the USB-C port is also the charging port). (A rack-mount package is available for the Zdac.) I also own the SONY PHA-1A for portable use.
I'm hoping it's either the Shiit Jotunheim (with the DAC module) or the OPPO HA-2SE portable--I have them both on order!
Jotunheim will handle anything.
Good to know because I purchased it hoping I wouldn't outgrow it for a long while.