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leave pricing because ducky, varmilio is expensive here in india so which one would you recommend? For best quality/durability?
Didn't even include Cooler Master in here. They source and produce some fantastic keyboards for a computer peripherals company. The QuickFire TKL is highly regarded in build quality in the past and then MasterKeys didn't disappoint
By the poll's results, seems like there are lots of uneducated kiddos who think RGB plus macros equals "quality". Corsair is, in fact, one of the worst brands not just in keyboards, but overall.
corsair has the worse ever software
All the 3 brands are decent but not the best in term of quality. It's all about well known by commercial. None of these 3 can compete against Ducky, Filco, Vort3x, Varmilo, Leopold, Anne, etc. These brands are just mainstream brands. I owned one of each before. I would like to say that HyperX just came out and it would beat them all in term of prices and quality. HyperX is a way better option for mainstream brands. Recently I sold all of Razer, Corsair, and Logitech gears. I am using a Ducky Miya and a HyperX AlloyFPS at the moment. All 3 brands you listed can't really beat these two at all. If you are using these 3 brands to identify the "Best Mechanical Keyboard Makers," You might as well reconsider the fact why you are using a mechanical keyboard.
A poll, which just counts votes, to identify the best (in terms of quality) keyboard doesn't even make sense. "Which of these brands does marketing and reaches consumers in the most effective way?"
bunch of MK shills in here. corsiar is not the "best" mechanical keyobards its just the most well known. like all my freinds have mechnaical keyboards at this point because they are trendy now. and they all have corsair. meanwhile im just sitting over here with my collection of 15 different mechs, corsair is decent but its too mainstream for my taste. I like MK community and so I preffer to support the smaller brands instead of the 3 gaming giants.
if you need rgb and want a "mainstream" option, the steelseries or hyperX boards are the best options. hyperX has great value and the steelseries boards have tons of customization options. both are built like tanks
I’m fond of the MF series by IKBC.
Corsair over Ducky and Leopold? C'mon...
This poll is more like "who makes most popular rgb keybs", than "which brand makes highest quality keyboards"
Can we please get a Massdrop exclusive Corsair k65 RGB with Cherry MX Blue switches? I just want a RGB TKL board with the clicky switches that can sync with my M65 Pro mouse...
none of them do.
lol Razer over ducky/vortex/leopold?
lmao corsair nonstandard bottom row
LMAO corsair... stop smoking Bathsalts.
None of them.
You want a mechanical keyboard? Get a Das Keyboard.
I chose 4 ultimate on browns over fancy rgb keyboards from corsair, and i couldnt be happier. she looks soo good and her quality is so high, i cant stop touching her
People are voting for the well known brands... I had owned 2 of these brands, corsair and razer. Both are terrible. Specially Razer, mech keyboard / headset wouldn't even last 6 months without any issue.
Go away noobs. If you arent trolling with this then you're an idiot.
I love my Leopold FC750R but if I had my eyes closed I wouldn't be able to tell it apart from my CoolerMaster MasterKeys Pro S and the MasterKeys costs half of what the FC750R did.
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You're probably right on the names - it's the TKL MasterKeys without RGB and only white back lighting. I got it around this time last year for $79 with a $20 MIR and I got my FC750R for $129.
That sounds about right. I have to say though, I have an FC750R, and the thicc grey & blue doubleshot PBT caps on it are miles above any big name gaming board. And they're basically Cherry profile- I love them! I got mine with mx blues, but I'm gonna change them to ergo clears or maybe Zeal V2 when I get a desoldering gun after the holidays. What switches did you get for your boards? Does your Leopold have the new dyesubs, or the old doubleshots?
damn whats with everyone picking the shitty keyboards
Not Corsair, Razer or Logitech. Theres value in them somewhere, maybe not Razer, but they are overpriced and low quality compared to boards from companies like Ducky, Leopold or Filco. Ducky One 2 is one of the best boards I've ever used and it's only 100 bucks.
For me it would be a hard pass on all three brands to be honest.
If you're dead set on getting one of them then pick the one that you think looks the best because past that there's not going to be a huge difference between them. Logitech uses their Romer-G switches on boards, but Corsair and Razer both have non-standard bottom rows, so no matter what you're limiting keycap options for them.
They're not *terrible* necessarily, but they all lack the freedom of customization I'd be looking for in a board.
Razer is overpriced
Corsair's QA is fukcing miserable
Logitech's designs look terrible

Choose 1 of the 3 bad choices
I've been using a Rosewill RK-9000V2 BR as my daily driver for the better part of 2 years and it's fantastic. I also have an old Das with blues, a Code with clears, a Ducky with nature whites and a couple of small form factor boards but I always end up back to the bare bones Rosewill with browns and PBT keys.
Everyone shits on Corsair, and I'll level in that I'm sure there are people with needs that corsair does not fullfill, but I'll say it a million times over, I absolutely love my CORSAIR Vengeance K65 Compact Mechanical Keyboard and would recomend it to anyone who asks. Its everything that "most" people need out of a mechanical keyboard unless you want to go above and beyond and make keyboards a hobby. Which is ok and I would never sit here and tell you you're wrong. But by-and-large, my k65 is incredible and I likely wont replace it for years. I dont care much for back lit RGB, this gave me an option for a clean, stainless steel look without all the color. I got the mechanical switches I was looking for, I can replace the keycaps (with the exception of the bottom row being a bit non-standard in size). Its responsive and has provided me zero issues in the howevermany years i've had it. Its heavy weight and well built. I dont care to build my own, I dont care to program or soder a board, I dont care to have a display case of fancy keyboards. Its just not what I wanted or need.
As for razor, I've seen too many peers spend a premium for a name and a logo just for their product to die for one reason or another. Whether its their keyboard, a controller or what have you, You're paying for their name to be on your item rather than build quality. Some people might share the same for Corsair, but I've yet to see any of my, or my peers' corsair products cause any issues. This is anecdotal so take that with a grain of salt. I cant really speak on behalf of Logitech's mech keyboards, I dont have or know anyone who has one, but I know their other products are well reviewed and mostly well made, albeit sometimes from lower cost materials.
I think ultimately, all that really matters is what you're looking for in a keyboard. Do you want to make it a hobby and learn how to program and soder a board? do you want to have a collection of keyboard with different switches and different boards for different occasions? If the answer is yes, you could probably do a bit more research and get something that provides you with your needs rather than whats available on this list. If the answer is no - and you're just interested in a "nicer than your average" keyboard - Do a little research, figure out which switches you like best and that feel good under your fingers, buy a keyboard with the switches you like, and enjoy spending waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy more money on fancy artisan keycaps then the keyboard itself.
The thing is you can buy a Ducky One TKL RGB that has practically all the same features, but it an overall superior quality, for around the same price (if not cheaper) than the K65
Of the original three presented on the poll: Razer is crappy and overpriced, Logitech is decent but has mediocre stock keycaps with no way to replace them because the stems are proprietary, and Corsair is the best of the three in terms of quality, but you could probably do way better.