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I'd love an ISO version of the 'alt'. I love that it's hot-swap and the design is pretty good too.
I'd love to see more manufacturers making available the Spanish/ISO layout.
No thanks, it is hard to find good lookin ISO/Nordic keycaps sets here in sweden.
would love a white iso rgb keyboard.
PBT keycaps, blank legends, Cherry or OEM profile, and ISO layout, then I buy multiple keysets in different colors.
I really want PBT Double-shot Molding Side printed KeyCaps, I think the older Poker keyboards had them but haven't found a current manufacturer, I did get in touch with GeekKeys and a Warren Tang told me they may have them in a couple of months
Goddammit I'd love a UK ISO Pok3r
I have 3 of these, love them.
JIS actually, but close enough.
CandyKeys is going to be stocking them for sure!
Yes i want a nordic keyboard!