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I would love a spanish keycap-set, but I would love a real international kit with ALL the spanish keys.
I think people voted for French layout without seeing that an ISO French layout was in the list. You might have written "French AINSI layout"
french would be a blast. It is so hard to find azerty options in the keycaps market
German would be nice, backlit would be Ace!
Gimme a swedish one :)
Swiss and French is much harder to get than German.
I saw that no costum keycaps-set are out there covering the swiss labeling. So I began designing one myself and would now like to know if anyone else is interested in one.
I'm curious how big the market would be, because I'm Swiss too but have been using an ANSI layout for the last 15 years or so, so even if it was a common option I would not buy one.