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Now Available!

Thanks to Danny_Liu for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Sierra-2 Reference Ribbon Monitor available.

MattDrop Buyer

Sierra-2 Reference Ribbon Monitor

Sierra-2 Reference Ribbon Monitor

Thanks for setting this up Danny! Just got in on a pair.
Any word back from Ascend yet? this is the best poll I've seen in a long time :)
Yup! The discussion went well, and we'll be having one of their products on the site very, very soon. Look forward to it.
I am absolutely stoked that finally the Sierra2's have gotten some more well deserved press. Hopefully, this is the start of some greater mainstream recognition for a great speaker at any price point. Cheers for Dave and his crew!
I use Sierra 2s across the front and 170s in the rear for my 5.1 system. They really sound excellent for both music and movies. I get damn close to reference when watching movies with them and they are effortless.
I would love to get Sierra 2. Or even Sierra Tower (not sure where I'd fit it) :)
I've been an Ascend customer since the original 170 and 200 were their only products, and I owned one of the first 340s and some of the first Sierra-1's. Great products and a great company.
Hey Everyone,
So Ascend Acoustics makes some of the best price:performance ratio speakers. Part of the reason is because they sell directly to their customers so the margin on their products is significantly lower. Think Schitt and their amps/DACs.
I think they make great stuff and would be really excited to list their products. The swing is that if we get it, the discount we'll be able to offer will likely be lower than the typical percentage. That said, if you're interested, please vote and show Ascend that their products are very welcome and desired by the Massdrop community.