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Now Available!

Thanks to sircod for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Audioengine A5+ Desktop Speaker available.

DannyDrop Buyer

Audioengine A5+ Desktop Speaker

Audioengine A5+ Desktop Speaker

Not sure about the black ones, but if we can get them in white ... ? :D o wait. This is over, right? :'(
There's only 100 units available for this drop so get in while you can.
Thanks for your interest and votes, let us know what you want to see next : )
A2+? Audioengine's newest, hotest, and most sought after product? No problem. Get ready for a launch on the 22nd : )
What kind of DAC is used in A2+ ?
Pairing my A2 's with the Audioengine subwoofer helps a lot...but I can't recommend it for all, due to the constant need to balance the subwoofer when I want the A2's louder or softer. My A5's don't have this problem, since they have a dedicated sub "out". The new A2+ now seem to have a similar out. Interestingly, when we had a listening group "face-off" between the A5 +and the A2, the A2 easily won the clarity and imaging categories, and even perhaps the realism and speed categories. I am guessing that they are more of a point source, and have less cabinet resonances to deal with. Still, the A5+ was far better for Pink Floyd and Stones. However, when the A2 was paired with the subwoofer, I thought it was the better system...despite the constant need to rebalance the subwoofer. SO...I am very intrigued as to how nice the new A2+ will be with the sub in a much better controlled situation. The imaging and clarity should still be there, along with some sweet punch. My biggest question now, is does the A2+ use a crossover to relieve itself of the deep bass duties when plugging in the sub? Now, that could be very helpful! Especially if the crossover is dedicated to match perfectly to the system.
This poll here for active studio monitors also has some similar speakers:
But Audioengine drops have gone well in the past and I think it would be great to get their newest speaker here as soon as possible.
My vote goes to the airmotiv 4. I own the Audioengine A2, and the airmotiv5. All of these need a subwoofer if you're even slightly a bass enthusiast. If you're listening to soft folk or light jazz and classical, these things are great. The part that irritated me the most about the A2 is the boom/warmth that comes out of it at 210 to 150 hz. Anything with a male voice, the lower end of a guitar, any part of the drum set, a bass, is alarmingly boomy. Hopefully they fixed this.
I am also in for it....
I'm in for the A2+....considering they can get at least $50 off