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No ATH-1000s? Or even 2000s? :(
no love for the Fidelios? what the hell guys. when are we gonna see some drops on some entry level mixers and consoles though?
will there be any drop soon?
There are better options besides HD800....Ether, Dharma D1000, Elear....please make those happen guys. You could always find a cheaper pair of HD800 nowadays....
To all of those who so dearly want the Audio Technica M50x's and have been voting for them in almost every headphone poll everywhere... Just keep in mind what you are getting, and make sure it is really what you are looking for. Youtuber Zeos Pantera has a few very critical and objective videos explaining why the M50x's aren't for anyone, and pointing out what else might be a better option.
His original M50 review:

his second M50x review:

If you're looking for gaming headphones, he has a breakdown of good options.
Here is his review of a similar and comparatively priced headphone from Shure:
And here is his review of the Sennheiser HD 598 headphones, which I currently own and recommend for their much lower price if you don't mind open back.
And here is his review of Audio Technica's open back option in this price range, the AD 900x:
I hope this helps people further refine their decision, and keep in mind, there are hundreds of headphones out there. Don't get a pair because everyone tells you they are the best. Get a pair because they will do what you want them to do to your music, games, or movies. Never be afraid to do more research.
EDIT: Oh! And I forgot to mention, in this price range, Fostex offers an excellent lineup of planar magnetic headphones. Just jeep in mind you will definitely need a proper amp for these.
Thank you! Someone gets it. M50's are not audiophile headphones. They're pleb-level cans barely better than beats.
I own them, going from IE phones to them was amazing, I also notice most of the people who buy them have never owned a decent set of cans before and I think this is the main reason people buy them. They are an experience though I think most people starting their audiophile journey must try them just so that they can actually appreciate good cans! I have moved on from them and I have realise now how crap they are and they arent the best for their price range.
beyerdynamic T1 or HD800
What's the point of getting TH-900's now that the TH-X00's exist.
can anyone help me with finding headphones with maybe a wider sound stage but most of all the sound quality should be good. I'm​ looking for something in the price range of around £30(it can be a bit over that limit).​
Consider getting the HD800S instead of the HD800. It's a better headphone, and it'd be nice to start off sales with that instead. Good microphones pls vote

Why did 1800 people pick HD800 when the T1 , LCD, DT990 ect are better headsets??? wtf
The poll has over 3000 total votes but no word yet? I know I voted on a similar poll a while back and nothing happened. I really hope they put this one up :/
I have seen some of you guys said that the high price headphone is not going to work on Massdrop because not too many people are going to buy. I agree with that point. However, to speak of headphones. There are lots of over ear have happened on Massdrop or are still active drops. These are all around 500 dollar. I am not try to say that money is the key factor that determine the performance of a headphone, but if it doesn't affect any audio quality, why they ever exist? Just because ALL of the buyers are simply rich and stupid? All of them just want to buy some expensive gear that they might not even get a chance to show off? You guys are all audiophiles and you should know that there are not too many people out there who very care about sound quality. At least not as many as the number of people who care about watching Blu-Ray instead of VHS. That's why people still listening to lossy streaming. What I am trying to say is that we already have headphones in the range from budget price to mid-range. We should have some Hi-End to make some different. If you just buy many different headphones around 500 bucks, they are not going to sound obviously different, because the marketing targets of them are similar and the price of their design and assembling are similar. This is like you switch back and forth between Spotify and Apple Music, they are both lossy and you will not get huge different from that. Massdrop may be trying to become another retail. In that way, this platform will eventually become another small Amazon, but it will not beat Amazon anyway (in my lifetime at least). Therefore, for the idea of pursuing high quality audio, please don't say that the Hi-End drop is meaningless. What we want is to improve the sound quality AND save money, not just buying some random things that seem cheaper than the MSRP been told. Don't let the price get in the way of your original goal. Again, having many same price range headphones don't make sense. You'd better save all the money spent on them and buy one Hi-End gear, or spend money on over-all optimization. If all you just want to save money and want to buy stuff that you might don't really need or similar to what you already have, you don't really need Massdrop, because you might find better deal somewhere. The attached snapshot is the HD650 I bought from Amazon with pretty good deal (my opinion).THe Audeze has happened before and I think HD800 and other Hi-End gears also could happen. Besides, please voting base not only on your interest but also on the money you have.
ive listened to a lot of headphones, each of them had something i disliked, even in the high end, but the HD800 were the perfection, i would however do the 10Hz mod on them to turn them into HD800S, because the 10Hz spike on your ear drum is like a cat claw slashing your face slowly, and im in my early 20's and can hear it all too well, older ppl 30+ wont hear it at all
I've got a pair of HD800's and let me tell you, some say it's a 700 with 800 rebranding and a wider sound stage but the sound quality is very different. Though aesthetically I prefer the 700's for some reason they remind of something out of Star Wars.
tried HD800 on, they are creme de la creme of all headphones in my opinion (80% on ABX), id probably do the 10hz frequency resonator mod though - something what HD800S basically come with from the factory, makes for an easier, less strain listening, as per color lol, I wouldn't hesitate spray painting them, there are ppl that have done an amazing job customizing their pairs!
Yes because there is a piece inside the actual cup that causes the sound waves to have slight reverberation resulting in mild distortion.
Could a few of you help me get a drop on the audeze el-8
Thats exactly what I would like. I prefer the closed back version, what's ur choice?
Why are all you guys voting for the $1500 headphone? There's no way all 1,000 are you are able to afford that thing, even at a 50% discount. Vote for something you will actually buy, please.
Actually for the price around 900 I will buy at least 3!
Come on TH900! Been waiting on this one for a good while now..
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I already voted but T1 is not closed back it is an open back ;)
D'oh! I don't know why I keep thinking they're closed-back.. My bad!
anyone buying into 800s is a fool. there are better headphones out there and better ones for less money.
i really want these headphones too hope they dont remove this polls as well.
The HD 700 sound a bit more closed and its more comfortable and weigh less than the HD 800. However the HD 800 have more distinctive highs which are frustrating for some people so vote for the 700
For me is totally the opposite, the only "bad" point about hd800, IMO, it is source hungry and you need a good amp to get all of out and of course it will cost you yet another 1k!
Any one from Massdrop look at the result? I really want these =/
Stop with the damn Audio Technica M50 headphones. They are in nearly every poll and drop pretty regularly. They're pretty cheap either way, so let's make room for different products.
I don't think the 800's are gonna go on drop, its the top of the line headphone from sennheiser I don't think they are gonna give a price cut, I would like to see the HD700's or HD650's that would be very cool.
Buysonic had them a while back for $900. Hard to believe I know.
Agree, So I voted for HD600 &HD700 as well :D
Massdrop deleted the other poll that had 400 votes for the HD800 I wonder what will happen to this one?
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I know that they are in active talks with Sennheiser. I do not know what causes a deletion of a poll by Massdrop.
Great Headphone I own it!