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If they were being sold by a third party, why is it such a big deal? They had to buy the razors in the first place. I sell stuff on eBay all the time. No issue with that.
The Maggard owners said it's not going to happen.
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Nah, they weren't upset about the suggestion. They were just worried that their razors were being sold without their knowledge.
They're worried about us making counterfeit razors and selling them with their brand.
"This worries me a great deal since they, whoever they are, would not be doing the extensive quality control that we do and if a bad razor goes out it is attached to our name."
Which, we would never contemplate doing.
If we ever ran a drop for Maggard razors, it would be sourced by/through the original manufacturer and if there was a QC problem it would be related to them, not us. We have not contacted Maggard (there aren't enough votes), but given the reddit thread, it sounds like even if we didn't there wouldn't be a positive outcome, so I have disabled the option.