I'd like to see a sepia keyboard theme -- a keycap set inspired by antique photographs.
i like 1976
Danger Zone PLZ for the love of all that is good in the world.
Why is granite being voted so much; not saying its a bad set but its already REALLY available without massdrop. Other more harder to obtain sets like pulse, penumbra, etc would make more sense. It's not like you are gonna get it for much cheaper at all then you would from PMK since granite is already a pretty cheap set to begin with.
These polls are totally RUBBISH because obviously the ones near the top are favoured. They need to randomize the order. There is now way that Dangerzone only gets 17 votes. It's just that by the time you get to it you're done voting already!
more SA keyset please
Midnight is DCS, not DSA or SA.
Putting Granite into one poll with other types is a bad idea. Herd mind is too strong.
if a new keyset that has as many options as Granite, that would be GREAT!
Essentially, if you want any of these to run, you probably want to discuss it on GeekHack and see if the original creator of the set or some other person is willing to step up and run with it - colorways are not owned as confirmed directly with Signature Plastics. MassDrop doesn't simply go to Signature Plastics and say, "hey, rerun this set." You'll need the proper information submitted to SP for pricing and ensuring your design meets all SP requirements. Once that's all settled, pass along the information to MassDrop to coordinate a drop time which, at this point, seems to be early 2017 for any set that hasn't already coordinated; Rebel SA submitted recently and was told most likely early 2017 and that was submitted not too long ago so MassDrop seems to be getting rather busy with sets.
Best of luck.
Oh Jesus people, please, stop voting for Granite. There's literally an active drop for it right this second, and it's so overdone.
'cos it's at the top.
combine this poll, the https://www.massdrop.com/vote/custom-keycap-kits and some random, we have already got more than 200 people interested in the Nuclear data. Please contact the vendor and open a drop.
SA nuclear data!
Not gonna lie, the Nuclear Data gives me a semi. Would look great with my future Skylake build and Corsair C70 case... Would be even better if it was available in ISO.
Contact the vendor already ffs
Really liking the idea of all the extra 1u modifiers that will be available with the likes of the Granite set. I am getting ready to build a Planck, and the idea of having a full keyset available *with* legends is very appealing!! That said, I love the colors of Nuclear data, and I might be able to assemble a full kit from that as well