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Now Available!

Thanks to Influrenza for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Nitecore Tiny Monster Flashlight - TM26 available.

IsaacDrop Buyer

Nitecore Tiny Monster Flashlight - TM26

Nitecore Tiny Monster Flashlight - TM26

The Zebralight SC52 is a very powerful, and surprisingly small flashlight. Very good for EDCkits. I have one myself and is probably one of the most well made things i own.
This guys will explain it a thousand times better than i ever will:

Seriously though it is a beast of a flash light.
Hey Guys,
The drops are live for the top four choice, check it out when you get a chance:
Hi Guys,
Quick update! We are going to be listing the Fenix TK41, E12, E25, and PD22 later this week. Stay tuned.
PD35 is way better looking then TK41
That's a picture of an old E11 there. The newer version, which I own, is a bit nicer looking. Look into the SC52, while expensive for a single AA light, it is far and away better than a similarly sized E11.
The E21 is discontinued, and is inferior to the E25, if I remember correctly.