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Thanks to derek.hersch for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the LAMY Safari Bundle: Fountain Pen & Mech. Pencil available.

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LAMY Safari Bundle: Fountain Pen & Mech. Pencil

LAMY Safari Bundle: Fountain Pen & Mech. Pencil

How do I remove my "vote" for a Lamy Vista in this drop?
Hey @conib -- Sorry, voting is closed, so votes can't be added or removed any longer.
The Vista has already been made available, what other pen would you like to see instead of that?
How about the God tier NOODLER'S AHAB FLEX FOUNTAIN PEN - CLEAR DEMONSTRATOR. It's one of the highest rated fountain pens and it's cheap!
Hey everyone, I know a bunch of people wanted the TWSBI Vac700s. Just to let people know TWSBI has permanently dropped their prices today from 80$ to 65$. The change in price should be reflected by ALL dealers including the official TWSBI site and eBay auctions in the coming days. It's no group buy, but it's still a better price!
What happened to this poll? Parker fountain pens would be amazing!
Edit. After reading this discussion go here and vote.
I like the Parker Urban the best, really nice.<br /><br />In a group buy are we selecting our own nib size, or is it one size fits all?
Hey Everyone! None of the poll options are viable choices right now. That said, we kept making calls and now we've got access to Parker's Sonnet, Im, Jotter, Sonnet Premiere, and Urban lines. <br /><br />Those lines cover a significant number of fountain pens and we can get you some pretty attractive pricing for the high end models. Take a look and let us know what you're most interested in.
What's the status on this? Anything?
Pilot Vanishing Point, bro.
Added the Levenger L-Tech. Fantastic looking and feeling pen by all accounts. Just utterly unavailable outside the US.
How long do you think until we can start purchasing? I'm really excited for this product.
We're making some phone calls to distributors/manufacturers next week based on the results of this poll and these conversations, stay tuned!
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How about Sailor Pens? Maybe one of their 1911 series or Chalana
Could you check with Pilot?
How are these pens for lefties? I've never used a fountain pen before, but I do a lot of writing in ink and I would love a good, quality pen. I'm just worried that my sinister tendencies would damage the nub somehow, or that I wouldn't be able to write with a fountain pen as well as a ballpoint. Does anyone here have any left-handed fountain pen experience?
I'd imagine not so good. The ink takes a second or two to dry so you're going to probably smudge things... don't think you'll damage the nib at all though. But then again, I'm not a lefty so this is a guess! Edit: Found this:
@John if you purchase an ink that dries quickly like Noodler's Bernake series of inks and use an extra fine or fine nib, you should be ok. Lefties tend to have more problems with smearing ink than they do breaking nibs. However, there ARE specially ground nibs for lefties, but many lefties use regular fountain pen nibs just fine.
I'm not a pen person, but assuming we get a massdrop setup for any one of these beauties, I'm picking a couple up for personal use! Thanks for the suggestions, details, and votes.
Glad we've converted you! :)
Dunno if anyone noticed but on the main page this featured poll has the vista tied with the lamy for 20 votes each, and the twsbi mini in the Vista's place, when actually it's the other way around. ;)
Haha, I noticed that too! Was worried for a moment there. :)
The lamy vista is just a clear version of the lamy safari, for anyone wondering.
Why all of the voting for the Safari/Vista? They're about $22 on Amazon, which is REALLY cheap already. On the other hand, TWSBI Minis are at $50 everywhere, plus (I believe) they are the superior model. Overall just smoother, a better filling, bigger mechanism, and better looking with a screw cap.
You guys are aware you can easily purchase a lamy safari at for 21 bucks, right? The twsbi mini is the best pen here and if you buy a lamy safari you're going to need a converter anyway unless you plan on buying more cartridges or writing less than 8 pages worth of notes.
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Just to correct you on a point, you can change out the Lamy Safari/ Vista nibs quite easily. Not to a flex nib, but you can order different nib sizes from various websites on the cheap (13$). I'm with you though on the TWSBI being the better product here. I'd rather see a deal on the Mini or the Vac 700 than any of the Lamy pens.
Converters are widely available for the Safari and the little window in no way whatsoever stops you from using one. In fact, my local stationary shop includes a converter with the pen... I thought that that was standard. I added the Pilot Prera as it's an excellent beginner's pen and my daily pen of choice. It's F nib writes much finer than the Lamy EF nib and is super smooth. It's also affordable!