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Can anyone explain why the GMK Honeywell kepcaps are as expensive as they are?
laser for sure!
I *just* need GMK Laser plus dark purple aluminium case and I won't have to spend another penny.
I'd probably buy anything that doesn't look hideous as long as it has Oblotzky's Ergoplanck /w alphas kit.
pass on anything ABS, GMK or not
We should have separate polls for "Classic" GMK sets and "Rare" GMK sets.
All the interesting rare sets get drown out by standard stuff that drops all the time and is often available in stores / mech market.
Make one!
We don't need another Dolch, let's get something new and exciting!
Voting is incomplete without GMK Royal Alpha and GMK 9009. ;)
So many awesome keycaps on massdrop but soooo rarely do we get them as laser etched for backlit keyboards... That really sucks...
Making them laser etched for back lit keyboards would sacrifice the thickness of the keycaps, which takes away the whole point of a highly quality set of GMK keycaps.
Um are any of those made for backlit keyboards with laser etched see through letters?
Will the Olivetti EVER drop? I'm so in love with the set, and they're hard to come by everywhere else on the internet
yeah fck dolch already tbh. olivetti needs to happen!
GMK Dolch was run here already recently. Seems pointless to do it again. Olivetti and RA had a lot of interest the last time they were around, but the price it was set at was ridiculous.
Enough Dolch GD!
STOP THE DOLCH! Say no to that pesky dolch set that always appears 28 times a year. VOTE TODAY FOR CHANGE! VOTE FOR DIVERSITY!
I voted Sky Dolch and Terminal. I need a little pop of color on my keyboard.
Not sure...
Does this Olivetti set come with the deep blue enter and Esc key? like the images below?
Olivetti has no iso compatibility
You can just buy Dolch from Zeal's shop ~_~
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Can't. They're out of stock.
The goal is to get us all to buy more stuff we do not need.
I never saw the appeal of Dolch. Looks boring.
No love for Olivetti? C'mon.
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i'm going mad looking for old Olivetti's keyboards here in Italy (no luck whatsoever)
Yea the only way is to get it second hand from GH or reddit. And good luck getting it if it isn't already sold after a minute.