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Hey guys, thanks for your enthusiasm in creating this poll, voting and sharing. I recently reached out to Go Pro and they do not want to work with Massdrop at this time.
They just announced the Gopro Hero 3+. The Hero 3 is still available on the web site, but the price has been dropped. I'll bet a really good deal could be put together on a group buy fro the older inventory.
Will any action be taken towards getting a GoPro deal together? I'd like to know if I should hold out on this or buy directly from GoPro through EPP accommodation pricing.
There isn't much point in getting a white, like Brent said its a more expensive hero2. IMO the best savings/product quality ratio is likely to be found in attempting to massdrop a Hero 3 Silver.
Black has issues, white is pointless as it's effectively the exact same as a hero2.