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Waiting for Japanese version.
Been interested in getting one of these ever since i bought my Novatouch.
That JP version looks great! I have the US version right now and while it's awesome, the lack of arrow keys is a bit frustrating (and a deal-breaker for many people).
Would be nice to have a keyboard with the arrow keys but a bit spaced to the right without the super small space bar that everyone won't be getting used to. Hmm
I don't really mind the small space bar but I just recently realized the delete (backspace) key is microscopic in the JP layout... dunno how I feel about this
Massdrop please make this happen! If elitekeyboards doesn't want to cooperate is it possible to directly contact the manufacturer?
Is there any way this could be shipped in the EU? As far as I know, our customs should confiscate the keyboard and destroy it as it does not compy to EU standards, or has something changed in the last few years?
Just head to rakuten and use a service like tenso to get a happy hacking keyboard, it's cheaper getting it directly from japan.
I own a HHKB Pro JP and I don't see why one would want to get the US version. The JP version has more keys, including dedicated arrow keys; additionally, the small spacebar doesn't cause any aggravation and it's made of PBT not ABS.
ETA: Also, if you guys get a bunch of subscribers to this poll, is there any reason not to just order from the manufacturer and have a buying agent ship the boards to Massdrop?
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It's an ISO layout.. That is a definite downside for a lot of people. To name the biggest flaw, the fuckhuge enter key and the pipe being moved screws with muscle memory. Can't honestly say if different sized shift and space would affect me.
yah I love it. carrying around a full-sized keyboard to me feels like bringing my 4U around with me. the HHKB just fits on top of your laptop and doesn't take up much space on the desk around you
Definitely worth trying again...
Last time we tried this, Elite Keyboards didn't want to cooperate with Massdrop. They are the sole distributor of these keyboards in the US and don't really see any reason that they should participate in a group-buy.
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Do you know if any mention was made of the additional sales (and profit) this would garner that would otherwise not be there? The idea of massdrop isn't to make the item's profit margin shrink to nil – it's to gather a bunch of folks willing to buy the thing were it a bit cheaper.
I wish I had any clue what their current sales numbers were – I think if you played the numbers, a compelling case could be made. (Of course I say this not knowing what the original email looked like.)
Hopefully MD has a good contact lead in the Topre market. Looks promising though that more Topre keyboards will come soon.