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Utterly unsurprised that Drop's poll functionality is a complete mess. E.g., no obviously needed measures to ensure the same products aren't listed twice, incorrectly, etc. Like so many of the potentially compelling ideas for engagement being attempted here, the execution fails are embarrassing to behold.
Can we rename 'Universal Adjustable Height Aluminum Headphone Stands' to indicate they are made by Woo Audio? Nice wide area to hang on so they don't ruin your headbands, and available in a single or double configuration. know... you could get a banana stand for like 5 bucks...
I think you'll like the last option just added.
Go Woo Audio.
The Woo adjustable height stand is $69 (single) or $79 (double), not $6979. Personally, I hang

a Bjarnum hook from my desk and call it a stand. Helps that I'm standing most of the time.
I have the Woo Audio aluminum stand and I love it.
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! We will start working to source the top results.
Great! If you can get the Sieveking, count me in :)