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i use the SM7B & DBX 286s going into a Mackie big knob studio.
I'd like to see the G-Track Pro on this
I wonder why nobody ever votes for Yeti Pros... Sure, the Yeti Pro isn't actually high end for professional audio equipment, but of all the USB mics -and certainly all the Blue mics- on this list I'd say it's the only one that even belongs here.
As for the Snowball, I too am utterly confused.
Heck, Blue has its place, but even most honest and knowledgeable Blue fanboys wouldn’t consider their mics “high end.”
I thought the title was High end microphones. You can buy a snowball for less than a $80. It doesn't need a price drop.
Yeah, don't trust the masses on this one. I would say for podcasting/streaming/voice over work the shure, heil or re20 are the best bets of this batch. People can buy a snowball at walmart.
USB Microphones are NOT HIGH END. You want High End Microphones? Look at the $400+ (And even then, with mics, those can be classified as mid-range.) Look at the SM7b, RE20, TLM 102 or 103, CAD E100s, Blue Bottle.
God, who made this poll? A bunch of twelve year old MineCraft youtubers? USB Microphones suck by default due to how computers are forced to handle them. If you want truly good audio, you have to use XLR Microphones.
Why can't I put in a negative vote? I NEED to down vote the Snowball. This is heresy.
"high end microphone" USB mics have more votes than XLR mics uh, okay
Blue mics should never been in a list with high(ish/er) quality mics. My ATR2500 puts a Yetti to shame. It's less than half the price of the Yetti...
why are USB mics in this list?!
As an owner of the Blue Snowball for the past 2 years, I can tell you that I've a lot of issues with it. The USB port isn't well soldered which often causes connectivity failures. I honestly don't think they have very good QA at their facilities. Their customer support has been very easy to work with, but they did make me pay return shipping to get a replacement unit even when it was under warranty.
I definitely won't be ordering another Blue product in future.
I'm surprised the AT 2035 isn't higher on the list.
I cannot understand for the life of me why the Blue Snowball gets votes. People are so ridiculously misled about microphones.
The blue snowball is pretty bad. I wonder why people seem so gungho about it?
I mean, it's nice for low budget, but this poll even claims to be "high end"
Add this item to your mic and it's night and day:
I have a snow ball. I like it. I've been told that it doesn't sound particularly good.
It does sound good it's the microphone w2s uses when he is in Guernsey
The blue snowball isn't that good, especially not the ICE
If you're like me and want quality over price the Shure SM7B is winning on another drop.
PS It's on Amazon half price $53.99 right now. Not going to get much better on here I'm sure. Besides you'll just be replacing it with the Blue Yeti $129 right now normally retail for $50 more than the snowball (both at regular price).
Shure sm7B has been used on countless recordings and is a professional vocal mic. Same with Heil. These are name brands and mics like the shure are always excluded from sales at other retailers.
High end? These are all either USB or dynamic, which is not high end in my book.
"high end"
Hahah just the comment I was looking for when I saw the title and then the Snowball as the most voted item.
I added a Neumann U87, happy now?