Yeah, I'm also disappointed that the winner of this poll hasn't been offered, can we get an official comment on why that has happened? Even including the other poll mentioned above, more people voted for the Kinesis.
Hi Everyone!
Quick explanation : Just because a product wins a poll doesn't mean that we can offer it. We use that info to approach the manufacturer/distributor and see if they're willing to work with the group (and show them the poll results). We've spoken to Kinesis and at this time they're unwilling to offer a discount to the community (versus other online outlets), regardless of the quantity that they order. So while we can offer the Kinesis on Massdrop, it will be at the same price that you see on Amazon etc- making it pointless to run as a groupbuy :( Truly Ergonomic on the otherhand, was ecstatic to see the interest in their product and was happy to accommodate the group by offering up their keyboard at a significant discount to regular prices.
The Truly Ergonomic got selected out of this and another Poll with 90 people interested.<br /><br /><br />I use the TECK and love it. There are multiple reviews that talk about the benefits of the product, including anandtech's, and although it might not look ergonomic to some, it is a great design once you get used to.<br /><br /><br />
Really disappointed that the "Truly Ergonomic" keyboard that doesn't even look ergonomic got selected :( Was really hoping to get a Kinesis :(
Does anyone know why the group buy is for a product other than the poll winner? I'm new to massdrop, and I'm not sure I understand how it works.
@RyanC .. hmm .. confused. 1st: Kinesis, product as the result of this poll: Truly Ergonomic.... I have no clue .. new here too, but this is indeed confusing :) almost 4x as many people wanted the kinesis :O ...<br /><br />maybe the drop is not effective enough (e.g. you would need 100 people just to reach the Amazon price from the MSRP) ... not sure.. maybe an admin can explain this to us :O
Wow.......I already bought a board with browns. If this was dropped a week ago, I would have purchased it.<br /><br />Well sucks to suck
I know it is not an option, and it doesn't exist, but I would love to see a special order (batch) of a Kinesis but with blue switches. <br /><br />I am typing on a kinesis and I love it, and have the "key sound emulation" enabled, but it is not the real thing. Though it is very pleasant with the brown switches too..<br /><br />If the price drops significantly I would maybe get an other one. I am curious though how much the price can drop. The pice on Amazon currently is US $269... <br /><br />Could this go sub $200 ? I would consider a spare, though my Ergodox is on the way:) .. well... dropped, and not shipped yet AFAIK.
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Yes, you can swap those. (I have a Kinesis Advantage Pro at work, and a regular Advantage at home)
You should be able to change keycodes too from the Xmodmap file (linux), check this example:
Would love to see the truly ergonomic dropped
I'd love to see a Kenisis with reds go up. For a good price. it would be really tempting. I'd probably want another board for gaming but I can live with that problem ;)
Having used a Kinesis Advantage Keyboards for 5+ years, it's still my favorite keyboard ever, particularly the one with Cherry red switches.<br /><br />I've been using my (massively delayed due to failed assembly service) Ergo Dox with Cherry blue switches since Tuesday, and it's already on the second place of my personal keyboard hit list. :) I'll be using it for at least a few weeks to give it a fair chance, as I did for the TECK.<br /><br />Already a few things are nicer than the Kinesis, but I think the Kinesis shape is hard to beat.<br /><br />Even though I have a second Ergo Dox on order (Cherry clear switches this time) I might get another spare Kinesis Advantage if the price is right.
These look like great keyboards. Do you have an opinion on whether the Cherry Red switches are significantly better? I've never used a linear-feel switch before. Can you notice the difference?
I personally recently got a Ducky Shine 3 with red switches. I LOVE it! I switched from a das keyboard with blue switches and Unicomp with Buckling springs.