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MD, if you could somehow make a K1XXX repro of the K1000 happen for anything close to $1000 a pair, it would result in a scary number of orders not to mention a huge community service via the reintroduction of a glorious headphone that has become unobtainium. Heck, even people with K1000's would be buying for parts.
Hopefully someone at least brings this up with AKG. In addition to the w$$, it would make MD such an amount of positive publicity.
Only if they could actually deliver it, unlike with the recent k10x drop where they held my money for months on end and I never received my product.
will there be any drop soon? can't wait anymore
will there be any drop soon? can't wait anymore
I will add and reinforce what some others are saying. If Massdrop can motivate AKG to add a dual entry 4 conductor cable (for the option of balanced termination), or at least the 4 conductor cable; And have them improve distortion and ringing, this could be a winner.
The platform has potential, but much of it wasted in their current design and engineering decisions.
Well, the only good headphone worth being on massdrop is the K712...
I was on a K812 loaner program, and had a chance to compare it to other headphones I have (HD800, other sennheisers, Audezes, etc) for a while.
In short, treble is just one of the issues K812 has that really needed to be fixed if this headphone is going to sell for 1000+ let alone 1400 dollars. It is just not a clear-sounding headphone in the first place.
If Harman(AKG) can lower overall distortion at bass (which will clean the sound a lot) and make it to dual-wired instead of single-wired in addition to treble issue, it might be worth fortry.
I like to mention that the last time Massdrop had the K812, they wouldn't ship to Canada. If they had, I would of gotten one. I learn later that Massdrop sold a few K812 on their bazaar after the drop. Was kind of annoyed that they wouldn't let me join the drop and latter had an extra that they sold after.
Now I have to wait... Was thinking of ordering the K812's...
Right, not really necessary to have the plush extras -- it's all about the headphone.
Sure, but hopefully they could tune is a little differently and have a balanced cable!!! Its about time we have balanced cable!!!
the best ! like to buy other one for my son
Any estimated date of purchase ?
Wouldn't an AKG K8XX be something on M-drop? The K812 seems to be languishing on eBay/Amazon unless priced in the $900 range? This might be a good way for AKG to stimulate sales overall by getting these phones to many more ears. If priced right I'm in.
Oh so want these in my audiophile life!!! VOTE!!!! Oh wait are these legit!! ;)
K8XX...U guys are so funny :lol
Just another option.
Forgo the fancy headphone stand and packaging of the K812. Just a good pair of headphones at a good price K8XX...
If these do come to fruition, please sell them worldwide or at lest in all of North America. Thanks
Hmmmmmm... :)
Haha yes there is a poll on a product that doesn't exits... yet. You can do it Danny! The K7XX is doing extremely well can't see AKG not wanting to make more money along with Massdrop. K8XX taps into a hole other market segment the K7XX hasn't touched yet.
PS please sell to Canada.