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We have reached out to Logitech, and unfortunately, a drop for the Logitech G930 is not possible at this time. I'm going to close the poll for now but will let you know of any updates in the future.
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! We'll look into the top products and let you know of any updates.
An open can really should win a gaming headphone poll
I snagged a G930 for $70 last year during Black Friday sales; they're pretty nice for gaming and are acceptable for casual audio. I'm not sure if it will go /that/ low during a drop, but I'm sure anything over $20 is reasonable.
I've just heard good things about the 1500s, so I went ahead and bumped that.
The M50s gets dropped fairly often but if it's getting them money, I'm all for it.
So.... did nobody that is pushing all of these headphones notice this is for a headset? No microphone means not for gaming.
not at all. Retrofit a microphone to a pair of really nice headphones and then you dont have to sacrifice audio quality to have a mic attached.
exactly get a good pair of sennheiser's or AudioTechnica's and a mod mic/ at2020 and your set.
I have Astro A50's. I used to own the Logitech G930's. I had a lot of problems with them. If the microwave turned on it would disconnect me from the receiver and it would make everything staticky. I had to return them 3 times within a month because they sent bad ones back. I have had other friends that have tried the logitech G930's and had similar results. Since Buying the Astro A50's this is the rundown:
The sound is clearer than the G930's. They are on a higher frequency than the G930's so there is less stuff to kick you off. They Sound fantastic for watching movies or even listening to music AND they are very comfortable. My friends also said that there was a definite difference in sound quality for the mic when I switched to the from Logitech's G930s to Astro's A50s.
I like logitech I think they have good tech. But I don't recommend their headset at all.
I do have to admit my a40's fit like glove and are hands down the most comfortable headset I've ever worn second to a pair of sennheiser hd 600's
I am happy that you're proud of your headset. But I still think neither are a good purchase.
How are these even remotely audiophile....
"Audiophile" is just a category for "audio." Doesn't necessarily have to include the -phile part. After all, every poll, people keep voting for the ATH-M50s.
I did on this one, only because it's the best option, for once.
I will vote, but not for the Logitech G930.
I have these for gaming. They are great if you want to move around the house listening to podcasts or doing VOIP but the audio quality isn't the best and they get uncomfortable wearing for long periods of time due to the pleather and being closed-back.
Very happy with a pair I got off amazon recently, comfortable, good build quality. Not audiophile-grade but surround makes a world of difference for immersion, especially in FPSs.
I own a pair. These are acceptable only really for "gaming," and even then only just barely; the audio is muddy and muffled, and the headset has an irritating tendency to disconnect and reconnect on its own periodically. The headset band is also very flimsy and I do not imagine it lasting past half a month.
Do not recommend. At all.
While these are ok for gaming, I wouldn't qualify them as being audiophile quality even for a budget set of headphones.
Bought a set of these recently and I was very impressed, I'm looking to get another 2 sets, great headphones.