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Now Available!

Thanks to sahm for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Janome 1600P-QC available.

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Janome 1600P-QC

Janome 1600P-QC

Any word on the Juki TL2010Q? I'd love to save $150-$200 off the retail of $999
Hi @SewApril,
Unfortunately Juki is still unwilling to work with the group. We will keep talking to them and extolling the virtues of Massdrop to them and hopefully we can change their minds in the future.
Aaaargh! I was so sad to read your message! I just borrowed that model of Juki from a friend, and it's such a fabulous machine! Makes my sewing machine look very bad. Lol. Hope you convince the people at Juki that Massdrop is a good thing.
I am looking to buy a machine soon. Any chance this is going to happen?
I'm definitely getting a mechanical machine very soon. Any word on the likelihood this deal will happen?
So, I am wondering whether I should be looking elsewhere for a machine. Any progress?
Will this poll becoming a drop any time soon?
Hi everyone. We're still waiting to hear back and will continue to work on sourcing these for you.
Hi Heather — Any movement on this? It's been 3 months and counting..
It was going for $861 at quilt show
Is this one dead in the water?
This voting would make more sense if a suggested price were included. Right now we don't really know what we're voting for in terms of value.
Hi guys- I've reached out to Juki, Handi-Quilter and Brother, and I'm still awaiting decisions from them as to whether they want to list their machines on our site. I'm working hard on this, and will update you as soon as I know anything.
any updates on this?
Sarah, are you the person who works for mass drop. If so, can I contact you. Off-line
Email her at and she'll send you her contact info.
Is juki not responding?
This has reached the required votes. Can we get an update on it?
I'm keeping an eye on this poll and I've been in contact with certain manufacturers.
Great machine, have two
I've been wanting to buy a Juki TL2010q and a Sweet Sixteen.. Hope they drop.
I've been sewing on the Juki 2010q for over a year and I love it.
whats the largest quilt you have quilted on it?